Levels of DifficultyLevels of Difficulty


To meet the player at his or her level, we have several difficulties in our cube puzzle range. The puzzleversions Little Genius, Happy Cube, Profi Cube and Marble Cube are of a different level of difficulty. 

But that’s not all. Each puzzleversion consists of a range of six foam puzzle cubes, each with a different difficulty and colour. The colour of the cube indicates the difficulty. The difficulty of a puzzle cube depends on how many cube-solutions there are possible and on the specific shape of the puzzlepieces. For example the purple one of the Profi Cube has only one solution. In contrast, the green one of the Happy Cube has five possible solutions and is therefore easier than the one first mentioned.

From easy till difficult the puzzlerange varies usually from blue to green, yellow, orange, red and purple.


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