Printing InformationPrinting Information

Some information about the different kinds of printing and the printable surface on the Happy Cube foam puzzles.

Choose PRINT

Before you can start with the design of your artwork, you have to choose the printing technique. Each printing technique has its qualities as well as its restrictions, which have to be taken into account first.

Screen PrintScreen Print

- Does your artwork or logo has up to 3 different colours? 

- Do you want your print to be as sharp and clear as possible?

→ screen print is the right option for you! 

Printing method

Screen printing is a method of creating an image by pressing ink through a screen (or mesh) with areas blocked off by a stencil. Each colour is printed separately. We let the first print dry for 24 hours before printing the second. 

Note that white ink always needs a double printing passage in order to get a beautiful result on the foam.

Digital PrintDigital Print

- Does your artwork or logo has 4 different colours or more?

- Do you want to print digital photos or colourful designs?         

→ digital print is the right option for you!

Printing method

Starting from 4 colours digital printing is more appropriate and cost-efficient for you. Digital printing is done by only 1 print passage by which all colours are printed simultaneously by a digital printer.

In order to print your logo or message perfectly on your foam Happy Cube puzzle or other EVA-foam B2B gifts, we made some templates. Use these templates to send in your specific creative request (