Happy Cube Puzzle ConceptHappy Cube Puzzle Concept

The Happy Cube Puzzle is a genious and simple concept. Puzzle a cube with the 6 foam puzzle pieces, then put them back into the frame. Once you get the knack of it, you can even use all the puzzles to make your very own 3D+ puzzle constructions. Get creative and astound colleagues, friends and family with your impressive puzzle masterpieces. 

Do the test... How flexible is your brain? 



You start with the flat form of the cube puzzle, a frame and 6 foam puzzle pieces. With the puzzle parts, you first build a perfect cube (3D).

After you made a perfect foam cube, the next mission is to fit the pieces back into the frame (2D). Easier said than done!

The final mission is to combine two or more foam cube puzzles together, to built larger multi-combinations (3D+). For real puzzle architects!

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