Happy Cube AcrylicHappy Cube Acrylic

Age group: 5+
Difficulty: **

Intelligent beauty

Happy Cube Acrylic Cubes.
Happy Cube Acrylic Cubes.
Happy Cube Acrylic Cubes.Happy Cube Acrylic in multiple colours.Happy Cube Acrylic in a cardboard giftbox with transparant cover.
Happy Cube Acrylic Character.Happy Cube Acrylic blue.Happy Cube Acrylic with digital butterfly print. Create your own design. Full surface can be printed.
Happy Cube Acrylic puzzle with image of Flower of Life

Happy Cube Acrylic is a gift article to puzzle fans. Besides intellectual entertainment this is a nice decoration object for the office and living room. 

This 3D cube is 5 cm x 5 cm, model New York. The acrylic material is available in clear, opal, black and several other colours. They can carry any logo or message for incentive and seasonal gifts.

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