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The Happy Company offers and produces a fantastic range of award-winning puzzles and games challenging families, schools and companies.

Happy is the exclusive manufacturer of the HAPPY CUBE ©® 2D & 3D educational haptic puzzle games, as well as other creative activity toys and promotional gifts such as flip flops, air gliders and key holders. All made from eva-foam, targeting all age categories. Started more than 29 years ago, Happy® distributes worldwide, in cooperation with loyal partners.

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Our office is located in Zoersel, Belgium:

Happy bvba

Populierenlaan 31, B-2980 Zoersel
Tel: +32 3 380 06 50 - Fax: +32 3 380 06 51
Facebook: HappyCubePuzzles - YouTube: HappyCubePuzzle

Our mission is to create fun, high-quality, safe and eco-friendly puzzles, toys, games and promotional gifts that are enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. Our success can be attributed to the strict coherence of our values and principles, such as sustainability and social responsibility. Equally important is the happiness factor in our toys and games. Learning and training the brain in a playful way! 


When people play with the Happy Cubes, their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development is triggered. They learn how to be flexible, because new puzzle possibilities and solutions are constantly considered. Flexibility is an important skill to master in our high-demanding, ever-changing world. The Happy Cubes symbolize this flexibility in such a way that an easy Smart Cube represents the world when you’re young: it is a simple puzzle. But when you grow and develop, you notice that reality becomes more complex. This is represented by the more challenging 3D+ constructions you can build with the Happy Cubes. In essence, we help you to become flexible, so you are able to adjust to the complexity of today’s world. 


We at HAPPY know that nothing is more important than people’s health and safety. HAPPY is committed to producing only the highest quality products using superior materials with an emphasis on safety. We ensure that our products are safe for consumers and workers and meet all international safety standards. Our Happy Cubes are made of very soft and solid high-quality foam with no smell: EVA-foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) and are produced without toxic materials, such as phthalates, CFC’s (chlorofluorcarbon) and lead. The foam is neutral EVA material and is conform to the current legal EU toy directives (EN71 part 3) and to the US ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Furthermore, our games have been tested and approved by TÜV-Rheinland and TÜV-Hong Kong. Test reports are available on request


Isn’t it ridiculous to buy products and then – when you get home – realize that they aren’t as big as expected? With HAPPY no surprises! Unlike other toy manufacturers, our packaging doesn’t contain waste material or extra air (there isn’t extra space between the puzzles and boxes). We focus on ecological, economical and sustainable materials and packaging. Even the puzzle concept is green: the whole foam puzzle line is packed in itself. The frame, which could be presumably waste, when cutting the cube puzzle pieces, is actually part of the game. But that’s not all; our foam products are even washable at 30° C, which makes it at the same time a clean and eco-friendly product. 

Our puzzle-packaging concept doesn’t only have an ecological impact, but it also has plenty economical advantages. Due to the very light and compact packaging, energy, space and, therefore, money are saved during the production and transport. Furthermore, our products are 100% European made, with very short and flexible lead times (1 to 4 weeks). 

Our green efforts were acknowledged by several international organizations. In 2012 our Happy Cube 6-packs were nominated as green toys for their economical retail and export packaging at the ‘Greener Packaging Award’ in Belgium. In 2011 the 6-packs were awarded during the ‘Toys go green’ show at the Nuremberg Toyfair. 

To take it to a next green level, in 2014 HAPPY joined 'The Shift', the Belgian meeting point for sustainability. Together with other members we come, think and act together to move towards a global sustainable future. HAPPY’s policy goes hand in hand with many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our sustainable and responsible business isn’t just about being green; it’s much bigger than that. At HAPPY, we believe that all of us, individuals and companies, have to take responsibility for what happens to our environment and community. As such, we make decisions that are good for everyone and not just for the company. As part of our commitment to being socially responsible, we are engaged in sponsor activities around the world, such as Make a Wish foundation, Compassion 24 Kids, Uit met Vlieg and many others. 

Furthermore, it is important to us that our own employees and workers of worldwide partners are treated in a right and ethical way. Since our products are 100% made in Europe, workers get an honest pay, the labour conditions are optimal and no child labour is involved in the production. This means that our prices may be a bit higher. However, we notice that our customers value our social actions and good service. HAPPY's ethical, educational, fun, sustainable and high-quality European toys are loved worldwide. We supply small and economical packs with a very high play value!

In 1986 Dirk Laureyssens had a genius idea and invented the Happy Cube ©®. He created it because he wished to make people happy by playful brain training. By solving the cube, you challenge yourself and in the end you experience an intense feeling of happiness when you’ve solved it. This is obviously expressed in our brand name, Happy. The idea of making people happy is the driving force within our company to set our goals. 


We achieved our first craze in Spain with the brand name Cococrash. It was the beginning of our success story. In the early ‘90s Germany and the Netherlands launched our puzzles (with the name ‘Wirrel Warrel kubus’) and soon Denmark followed. In total we sold over 6.5 million puzzles within 18 months. In the years that followed, we expanded our product line. We created the Happy Cube family, so the original Happy Cube got some family members: Little Genius©, Profi Cube© and Marble Cube©. These designs are set specific, that can be combined together.


Next we produced a budget-friendly six-edged Planet Cube, a very small Micro Cube and the easy pre-school model Smart Cube. In 2011 we launched the 5 cm Happy Cube XL, accompanied by a book with 101 challenges in four levels. In 2013, after a co-creative day with teachers and pupils and kindergarten research, we developed the Smart Cube EduPack. This is a special school edition with 30 puzzles, two teacher cards and 52 challenges on 26 pupil cards. In 2014 we redesigned the Happy Cube XL to a beautiful gift item with cards instead of a booklet. 


From the start we saw the potential in the cubes as a promotional gift. 59 puzzles were specially developed for the promotional sector. We have made cubes and other foam products, such as Flip Flops and Air Gliders, with a logo or message for Intel, Bancontact, TomTom, McDonalds, Weetos, Kangaroo, Danfoss, TNT, HP, Ikea, Pepsi, Skittles and many others. 


To end some shameless bragging, we sold over 40 million cube puzzles, which means there are around 165 puzzles sold every hour! Nowadays, the Happy Cubes are marketed in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our aim is to be represented globally, so we can make everyone happy! 

Are you Happy? Because we are! 

As a team we work closely together, in an open space where we can talk to each other easily. Our values are quality, teamwork, openness and flexibility (flexible brains, remember?). Together we can accomplish everything!


Gerdy Loots - CEO General Manager

Gerdy Loots, CEO of Happy, head of an enthusiastic team of designers, warehouse workers and sales office staff. 


Ilse Braeckmans - Logistics

From order to delivery Ilse carefully supervises the logistic plan. 


Sofie Laureyssens - Excellence Manager

Sofie ensures that operational processes are closely and strategically aligned. She recruits, develops new products, makes artworks, connects with customers and freelancers, represents our company on international fairs and supervises educational, marketing and public relations activities.


Ariane Mol - Design

Ariane takes care of graphic designs, creative slogans and packaging.


Happy cooperates international with a network of specialized distributors in the toy, stationary, gift, book and promotional sector. Together we built the Happy Cube success story! Looking for a local distributor in your area, consult the distributor pages

Happy Cube is a great product-idea that makes the puzzler act and think, stimulating the mind like no other product can. No wonder this puzzle did receive several rewards during the time: 

In the past, our Happy Cube puzzles have been the subject of several experimental research projects:


University research

First in 1996, the professor Ingrid Kristoffersen and professor Carolina Andries of VUB (Free University of Brussels, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Research group Developmental and Life Cycle Psychology, Belgium) researched the cubes. This research resulted in the following conclusions: 
  • The Happy Cube encourages the development of spatial analytical skills; 
  • The Happy Cube stimulates locomotion: playing with the cubes demands a number of motoric action. 
On the basis of these results, it can be concluded that the Happy Cube can effectively be used as pedgogical material in order to give children the possibility to develop their spatial analytical skills. Furthermore, the soft foam material appeals to children and calls on their curiosity and enthusiasm. 


Happy research

Another experiment was conducted in 2010-2011 in a kindergarten in Ooigem (Belgium). We tested how 59 toddlers, who had never puzzled 3D before, reacted on the Happy Cubes (Smart Cube model). Our goal was to develop a Smart Cube-box suitable for schools, that was based on the results of the research. 
The children had to make a perfect cube, a tower and a bridge within a limited amount of time. They were divided into four groups and each group received a different instruction (in word, as a drawing, as outlines or a replicate on paper). We wanted to know which instruction worked best. 
The conclusions of the research are: 
  • Most of the children were capable of making the perfect cube within 5 minutes (63%); 39% succeeded in making the tower and 12% completed the bridge within 10 minutes. 
  • Toddlers prefer instructions as outlines or as replicates. 
  • All toddlers were capable of cleaning up all the puzzles neatly in 5 minutes time. This cleanup phase provides the opportunity for every child to feel happy and successful. 
More specific details of the research are available. 


Hands-on experience

Last but not least, we acquire a lot of hands-on experience with our workshops, that we and our distributors organize in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and many others. During these workshops we invite people to puzzle with the Happy Cubes. When they start playing, they become very quiet and get instantly addicted to the game! By observing their actions we conclude that people puzzle the cubes in two different ways. The first group of people puzzle at random and try to combine the puzzle stones without making a strategy. The second group of people observe the puzze stones for a relatively long period and, after figuring out which stones would match, they combine them and succeed faster in making a perfect cube in comparison to the firt group.


On the basis of our extensive research, we are convinced that our Happy Cubes are a playful added value for children and grown-ups in their day-to-day development. And above all, they put a huge smile on your face!  

Welcome to visit us at the fair! 

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