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Tips and tricks

  • Design templates

With your order you will receive a ‘HAPPY template’, as well as a document ‘layout guidelines’, specific to the product of your choice. Make sure the designer of the artwork gets these. 

  • Save your artwork as an Illustrator file (.ai)

Deliver the filled-in HAPPY template as an Adobe Illustrator CS6 vector-file that is completely print ready. Do not send in a pdf, we need an original .ai file. 

  • Artwork check and corrections

The HAPPY designer checks costless if your artwork meets our ‘layout guidelines’. If the supplied document is fine, your order will be ready within the agreed deadline. If your artwork is not completely ok, we will notify you by email. You can then provide once a new document free of charge. If this new document does not yet meet the technical printing requirements, you pay € 35 per new version. For more info:

  • Printing on foam 

Foam is flexible material with an open-cell structure thus the ink reacts differently than on paper. Details smaller than 2 mm in your layout partly disappear and will not be visible after printing on the foam. Always print your artwork on paper to check how it looks. If the text or small details are barely readable/visible on paper, they will certainly not be readable/visible on foam. 

  • Minimum font size 6 pt

Use larger font size for clear messages. Absolute minimum font size is 6 pt, depending on the specific font used. 

  • Font to outlines

Transform the text in your artwork to outlines to prevent lay-out changes. We don't have all possible fonts in our possession.

  • In case of an all-over-print:
    • bleed of 3 mm: foresee a 3 mm bleed, overlapping the cutting lines.
    • avoid large one-coloured surfaces, to prevent stripes when printed
  • 2 mm positioning tolerance
We need 2 mm between different coloured lines/objects as position tolerance. Since each colour is printed separately, they might shift maximum 2 mm left, right, up and down from each other during production. This means also that when two colours have to be printed with an overlap, the overlapped section will have another colour intensity. This is in particular the case when printing a light colour (eg. green) over another colour (eg. red)*.


ILLUSTRATOR TEMPLATE - common mistakes

  • Artwork send in as pdf, instead of as .ai. 
  • Artwork not placed on our illustrator template.
  • Artwork not placed in the right illustrator layer 'add your artwork'.
  • Artwork divided over several files. 
  • Layers of the template and info deleted (eg BL number).
  • Unnecessary clipping masks due the use of other programs or old versions of Illustrator. 
  • Elements of the template (eg, coloured print area or toe straps) processed in the artwork in the 'add your artwork' layer, which are not removable due to a clipping mask.  
  • Artworks not placed directly in the ai file, but with linked files. 

PRINTABLE AREA - common mistakes

  • Artwork not placed and centered on the printable areas. 
  • No bleed of 3 mm with an all-over print.

TEXT AND FONT - common mistakes

  • Text size smaller than the minimum of 6 pt
  • Text not in outlines and font not included. 


  • Details smaller than 2 mm used in the design
  • Different coloured lines and colours positioned closer to each other as 2 mm (only a problem with screen print)

FLIP FLOP LOGO CUT-OUT - common mistakes

  • inside of all letters and symbols (o, a, b, d, e, r, p, q, g, &, ...) not cleared
  • less than 0,4 cm between all cutting lines: between and in letters/symbols:
    • opening at the e, a, s, c, g, G, &
    • dot of the i
    • legs of the x, v, w, k, y, n, m, u, f, h

Marketing Support

Happy marketing material to boost your business with the use of: foam Happy Cube puzzles printed with your own logo, leaflets, posters, instore video and XL Happy Cubes. Click on the pages below and get inspired with our 'Happy-creative' ideas.

Promotional cubes in several colors, are available for your promotional campaigns standard in several 3D sizes:

ref PM/HC08 = 4 x 4 cm

ref PM/HC12 = 6 x 6 cm

ref PM/HC15 = 7,5 x 7,5 cm

ref PM/HC22 = 11 x 11 cm

ref PM/HC30 = 15 x 15 cm

ref PM/HC72 = 36 x 36 cm

More sizes on your request. 


You can download B2B pictures in the download area.

The products are pictured as samples and are not intended to represent an endorsement by individual companies. All the logos shown in this pictures are respective property of the companies which they identify; their use is strictly for demonstrative purposes of imprint size, position and colours available. They are not for resale. 

Happy Cube puzzles can be used in television commercials, here are some examples for McDonald's and Weetabix.


Weetos Happy Cube puzzle commercial:  

Mc Donald's foam Happy Cube Puzzle Commercial:  




Material information

The specific EVA material we use is part of the Happy Cube puzzle concept. The bright colours support the differentiation and the flexible soft material carries the constructions as a solid puzzle. This high quality European EVA material is child safe. 

We offer a wide range of colours, fully tailored to your wishes. You can choose between our standard colours, special EVA foam colours or a customised Pantone colour. Since we value fast deliveries, we selected 8 standard colours, which are available in stock. To make the perfect match with your logo, there are more than 300 other colours to make your Happy promotional gift as personal as you want.


As we have these colours in stock we can deliver them ultra fast, even with small quantities. 


We have more than 300 foam colours which are not in stock. A minimum quantity has to be ordered. Send us the details of your desired pantone colour to find the match in our colour line. If you want to know the minimum quantity order of the product of your interest, please contact us.


You can choose another foam colour to perfectly match your logo and design. If it's a colour that we have never used in foam, a lab-test will have to take place. This has an effect on the delivery time. A minimum order quantity is required. Send us the details of your desired pantone colour. If you want to know the minimum quantity order of the product of your interest, please contact us.

The Happy Cube puzzles are made of soft, but solid foam of a very good quality, with no smell: EVA-foam (ethylene vinyl acetate). You can wash the foam Happy Cube puzzles at maximum 30°C, so you can play with them for life. Our foam is partly made from natural rubber. The puzzle is produced without CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbon) and is friendly to the environment. 

Karine Doorsselaer, lecturer at Artesis University College of Antwerp (Belgium), told us the following:

"EVA is one of the least harmful synthetic materials. With optimal combustion, only CO2 and H2O are released, so thermal recycling can be done. The calorific value of EVA is similar to that of oil. So you can say that EVA is a rather environmentally friendly plastic.

However manufacturers (mostly from Asia) profit from cheap but harmful substances, such as formamide, by mingling it through their foam. In itself, this process is totally pointless for the production of EVA and redundant."

We feel the health of people is the most precious on earth. We take care for our manufacturers responsability as market builder. We guarantee our foam is 100% European made and child safe, so that Happy Cube puzzling can be really fun, for children and adults. 

Our high quality EVA-material has been tested and approved by TÜV-Rheinland and TÜV-Hong Kong. The reports include EN71 and ASTM: Phthalates, lead content and flammability… Others like the United States Testing Company and Mc Donalds (lab test in Hong Kong) also approved our Happy Cube puzzle samples. 

All reports are available on request. Mail to for more information.

Printing Information

Some information about the different kinds of printing and the printable surface on the Happy Cube foam puzzles.

Choose PRINT

Before you can start with the design of your artwork, you have to choose the printing technique. Each printing technique has its qualities as well as its restrictions, which have to be taken into account first.

Screen PrintScreen Print

- Does your artwork or logo has up to 3 different colours? 

- Do you want your print to be as sharp and clear as possible?

→ screen print is the right option for you! 

Printing method

Screen printing is a method of creating an image by pressing ink through a screen (or mesh) with areas blocked off by a stencil. Each colour is printed separately. We let the first print dry for 24 hours before printing the second. 

Note that white ink always needs a double printing passage in order to get a beautiful result on the foam.

Digital PrintDigital Print

- Does your artwork or logo has 4 different colours or more?

- Do you want to print digital photos or colourful designs?         

→ digital print is the right option for you!

Printing method

Starting from 4 colours digital printing is more appropriate and cost-efficient for you. Digital printing is done by only 1 print passage by which all colours are printed simultaneously by a digital printer.

In order to print your logo or message perfectly on your foam Happy Cube puzzle or other EVA-foam B2B gifts, we made some templates. Use these templates to send in your specific creative request ( 

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