Happy. Home to the Happy Cube 3D puzzles that put a smile on your face.

As a company we specialize in fun and educational EVA foam puzzles for toy, B2B and school markets. Fun and brain training united, for all ages! Discover with us: how flexible is your brain?

Happy 3D cube puzzles & toys for the whole family.

Smart EVA foam gifts to promote your company.

Educational 2D & 3D foam puzzle cubes of various challengelevels.

How to play with Happy Cube Puzzles?How to play with Happy Cube Puzzles?

Puzzle a cube with the 6 EVA foam puzzle pieces, then put them back into the frame. Combine cubes and build amazing constructions. 

Get ready for a new foam puzzle experience. The Happy Cube puzzles create fun for the entire family!


Happy Cube Concept AnimationHappy Cube Concept Animation

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